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The number of deals in elite Moscow new buildings has fallen to a five-year low

25 января 2023, 05:24
For the whole of 2022, only 860 objects were sold.

As reported by RBC, referring to the consulting company NF Group, 1.8 thousand luxury apartments and apartments in Moscow were put up for sale last year, which is 42% more than the end of 2021, but 16% less than the end of 2020 (and 30% less than in 2019). Since then, the elite real estate market has been significantly replenished with new projects - there are more of them than in the past two years.

We are talking about 17 new projects and one new construction stage, whereas in 2020 there were seven new projects, in 2021 there were eight and one new construction stage. The design volume of all new buildings last year exceeded the maximum figures and reached 4.7 thousand lots.

The average price per square meter in the capital's premium-class new buildings increased by 12% during the year to 1.08 million rubles. In the de-luxury segment, it added 14% and reached 2.18 million rubles. In mid-January, sales of luxury apartments in the capital in the primary market fell more than twice.

The largest market subsidence was observed in May, June and December.