Posted 25 января 2023,, 14:58

Published 25 января 2023,, 14:58

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The Supreme Court did not allow convicts in the colonies to wear wristwatches

The Supreme Court did not allow convicts in the colonies to wear wristwatches

25 января 2023, 14:58
The Supreme Court rejected the claim of the former mayor of Makhachkala, Said Amirov, who demanded to lift the ban on the wearing of wristwatches by prisoners in correctional institutions. The former mayor motivated his appeal by the need to take medications at the appointed time.

"The court considered the claim of lawyer Vladimir Postanyuk, filed in the interests of Amirov, demanding to lift the ban on wearing watches and decided to completely refuse to satisfy the claims", - the court's press service told TASS.With amo, the meeting was held in closed mode, which is due to the availability of materials on Amirov's health status.

The plaintiff stated that he needed the watch to track the time of taking medications, but after changing the internal regulations, they were withdrawn from him. The new rules have been in effect since July last year. Prior to that, prisoners could wear watches worth up to 2500 rubles. Amirov is a wheelchair user.The ex-mayor of Makhachkala was sentenced to life imprisonment on August 27, 2015.

He was accused of preparing to commit a terrorist attack, illegal arms trafficking, and organizing the murder of an employee of the TFR. According to the investigation materials, in one of the episodes he and his accomplices intended to shoot down a passenger plane with the head of the FIU department for Dagestan Sagid Murtazaliev on board.