Posted 26 января 2023,, 07:12

Published 26 января 2023,, 07:12

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Updated 26 января 2023,, 07:16

An air alert was again announced throughout Ukraine

An air alert was again announced throughout Ukraine

26 января 2023, 07:12
For the third day in a row, an air alert has been declared throughout Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC with reference to the data of the hazard alert service.

The bombing of the territory of Ukraine has been carried out since October 2022. The Ministry of Defense indicates that strikes are being carried out on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

This led to the shutdown of most of the country's power plants and massive power outages, including in the residential and social sector, including on the territory of Kiev.

During the bombing in a number of major cities, the metro stops working, the stations of which turn into bomb shelters during the air raid.

Against the background of what is happening in the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, the demand for private bomb shelters has sharply increased.