Posted 26 января 2023,, 14:48

Published 26 января 2023,, 14:48

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Beef in Russia has risen in price by 20.2%

Beef in Russia has risen in price by 20.2%

26 января 2023, 14:48
In 2022, meat prices in Russia overtook the pace of fish price appreciation. The cost of beef has increased the most, which has risen in price by 20.2%.

This is reported by Interfax with reference to the data of the reports of the Ministry of Economic Development "On the current price situation".

Fish in the country has risen in price by 7.9% over the year, the Association of Shipowners of the Fishing Fleet (ASRF) notes. According to the ASRF, the average annual inflation rate for protein products of animal origin in 2022 was 13.8%.

"Pork has risen in price by 8.3%, chicken meat — by 10.6%, lamb — by 12.4%, beef — 20.2%", - the report says.

The most modest among the products of this series was an increase in the price of eggs — by 4%.

The prevailing prices turned out to be quite high for consumers, who were forced to significantly reduce spending on food and switch to cheaper products.

Representatives of the fishing industry believe that the transition to cheaper varieties of fish and the supply of high-quality semi-finished products from available types of fish should meet demand, although the total catch last year was lower than in 2021. In 2022, Russian fishing companies produced 4.88 million tons of fish and seafood against 5.05 million tons in 2021. Meanwhile, the rate of catching cheap fish in January 2023 has already turned out to be a quarter higher than last year's figures.