Posted 26 января 2023,, 04:57

Published 26 января 2023,, 04:57

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Entrepreneurs will be allowed to appeal through "State Services" against the non-issuance of permits and licenses

Entrepreneurs will be allowed to appeal through "State Services" against the non-issuance of permits and licenses

26 января 2023, 04:57
This year, the authorities decided to introduce a procedure for pre-trial appeal of violations when issuing permits by the state.

The corresponding instruction was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. As Kommersant writes, referring to the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the government staff Dmitry Grigorenko, now entrepreneurs can appeal against the non-issuance of permits by filing a complaint on the portal of Public Services. The authorities believe that the online appeal procedure makes the whole process transparent. The standard time limit for consideration of a complaint is 20 days, in fact — 10 days, and cases of going to court after a pre-trial appeal are "practically isolated".

The introduction of pre-trial appeal this year will take place together with the introduction of new procedures for obtaining permits on the public services portal. To conduct certain types of business, the authorities require obtaining 54 types of licenses and over 500 types of permits. Since the beginning of the year, 233 types of public services have been available, including 49 licenses, five licenses have been canceled or left "on paper" as a rarity.

During 2023, it is planned to digitalize another 181 in-demand visa permits. Exceptions for translation will remain several dozen types of documents in the field of law enforcement and defense. About 20 permits were not included in the list, which are applied for several dozen times a year. Today, despite the digitization of licensing activities, entrepreneurs receive up to 70% of permits the old-fashioned way.

At the beginning of the month it was reported that on the portal of "Public Services" it is now possible to issue an MHI policy. The owner will be able to present an electronic policy directly from the phone display. You do not need to carry a paper version with you. When making an appointment with a doctor, you will no longer need to enter the policy number: the information will be pulled up automatically, the ministry added.