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In the Belgorod region, the village of Murom came under fire

26 января 2023, 13:03
The head of the Belgorod Vyacheslav Gladkov region reported the shelling of the Shebekinsky city district. The governor clarified that the border village of Murom was hit. As a result of the shelling, the power line was damaged.

"Today, the village of Murom of the Shebekinsky city district came under fire from the AFU. There are no casualties. As a result of the shelling, the power line was damaged, about half of the village remains without light", - Gladkov said on his Telegram channel.The head of the region added that operational services and emergency crews are working at the site of the shelling, which are engaged in eliminating the consequences.

According to the Belgorod edition "", residents of the village today received reports of shelling with a request to go down to shelters. Residents of the village of Krasnaya Niva also received similar messages.The settlement has been repeatedly shelled, as reported by the governor on November 30, December 1 and 29, January 2.

In this regard, about 70% of the population of Murom left the village.