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Negotiator of the day: Trump promised to deal with the conflict in Ukraine in a day

27 января 2023, 05:46
He wrote on his social network that he would solve the conflict in Ukraine quickly if he were the president of the United States.

Former American leader Donald Trump said that if he currently headed the White House, it would not be difficult for him to cope with the Ukrainian conflict in a day. Military operations would have been stopped within 245 hours. "Even now, if I were president, I would be able to negotiate the end of this terrible war <...> within 24 hours," Trump wrote on his own Truth Social network account.

Last year, Trump assured that peace talks were necessary for a quick end to the conflict in Ukraine. Earlier, he commented on the supply of tanks to Kiev, expressing the opinion that this could lead to a nuclear conflict: "First tanks, then nuclear weapons." He demanded to stop the conflict immediately, especially since, according to the former president of the United States, "it's so easy to do."