Posted 27 января 2023,, 06:27

Published 27 января 2023,, 06:27

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The European Union wants to impose "Russian sanctions" against Belarus

The European Union wants to impose "Russian sanctions" against Belarus

27 января 2023, 06:27
The authorities of the European Union (EU) have decided to tighten sanctions against Belarus, supplementing the existing provisions with restrictive measures that are already being applied against Russia.

In order for the new sanctions against the republic to take effect, they must be approved by all EU members.

As Forbes notes, the reason for the introduction of additional sanctions against Belarus was its support for the actions of the Russian leadership.

Belarus faces a ban on the sale of technologies, as well as restrictions against the energy and aviation sector, a ban on the sale of oil, coal, metal products, gold, luxury goods, and the provision of a number of services. The sanctions will not affect the market of food, medicines and agricultural products.

The tenth package of sanctions is being prepared against the Russian Federation, which will affect the energy market of the Russian Federation even more. It is expected that the measures can be approved as early as next week.

Anyone who will help the Russian Federation and Belarus is going to circumvent sanctions and face prosecution, as has already happened with the persons who helped to hide the yachts of Russian oligarchs.