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Published 27 января 06:02

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Two Russian tennis players will play in the final of the junior Australian Open

27 января 2023, 06:02
Mirra Andreeva and Alina Korneeva reached the final.

In the semi-finals of the Australian Open, Korneyeva was stronger than the representative of Japan, Sayaku Ishii. The Russian woman beat her with a score 2:6, 6:4, 6:2. The meeting lasted an hour and 50 minutes. Andreyeva defeated the representative of Great Britain Rana in the 1/2 final Akua Stoiber — 6:3, 6:3 in an hour and 24 minutes.

Before that, Arina Sobolenko from Belarus and Yelena Rybakina from Moscow got to the final. At the same time, none of the Russian athletes was able to reach the fourth round of the first Grand Slam tournament of the Australian Open in 2022.