Posted 30 января 2023,, 17:01

Published 30 января 2023,, 17:01

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Updated 30 января 2023,, 18:16

In Ukraine, $870,000 was confiscated from a Russian businessman

30 января 2023, 17:01
The name of the entrepreneur has not been disclosed.

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine announced the confiscation of assets worth 32 million hryvnia - $ 870 thousand - from a metallurgical enterprise owned by a Russian businessman.

"At the request of the Prosecutor General's office, UAH 32 million of Ukraine's largest producer of metallurgical alumina and aluminum hydroxide were arrested. The funds were in the deposit account of the State Customs Service", - the agency said in a statement.

Presumably, we are talking about the Nikolaev alumina plant.

Last week it became known about the confiscation in Ukraine of the assets of Mikhail Shelkov, the main shareholder of the world's largest titanium producer VSMPO-Avisma.