Posted 30 января 2023,, 04:44

Published 30 января 2023,, 04:44

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Updated 30 января 2023,, 07:36

Italy refused to supply offensive weapons to Kiev

Italy refused to supply offensive weapons to Kiev

30 января 2023, 04:44
Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani (pictured) said that this is unacceptable because Italy is not at war with Russia.

"We will never send offensive weapons, because we are not at war with Russia, we have nothing against the Russian people, we are only defending independence Ukraine", - the politician stressed on the third channel of the Rai state television.

Rome stands for peace and intends to supply only weapons for defense.

As it became known two days earlier, Italy, together with France, gathered to purchase about seven hundred Aster-30 anti-aircraft missiles designed to equip SAMP-T air defense systems. Some of them are planned to be transferred to Ukraine. Tajani did not specify the timing of these deliveries.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky demanded fighter jets from the West, and former ambassador to Berlin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk insisted that Germany give Kiev its submarines. With their help, Melnik decided to "drive the Russians out of the Black Sea".