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Ministry of Economy: the rate of 60 rubles per dollar categorically does not satisfy exporters

30 января 2023, 04:17
The department considers the exchange rate of 70 rubles per dollar to be the balance for the economy.

The average ruble exchange rate by the end of this year will be at the level of 70 rubles per dollar, he noted. At a rate of 60 rubles per dollar, the business of exporters becomes unprofitable, and the budget suffers from a strong national currency.

"A wider range on average for the year is 68-72 rubles", — the words of Torosov are quoted by Izvestia.

The weakening of the Russian currency is played by the restoration of imports, including at the expense of parallel. Oil and gas revenues have "objectively decreased": "That is, the influx of dollars into the economy has become less".

According to the calculations of the ministry, by the beginning of the third quarter, inflation will be below the target level of 4%, and by the end of the year - 5-6%.

Recall that the Bank of Russia has started setting rates for nine more currencies. These are the UAE dirham, Thai baht, Vietnamese dong, Serbian dinar, New Zealand dollar, Georgian Lari, Indonesian Rupiah, Egyptian Pound and Qatari Rial.