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Published 30 января 2023,, 13:10

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Reality as a living organism: Anna Kazmina's exhibition "Transcoding" has opened

Reality as a living organism: Anna Kazmina's exhibition "Transcoding" has opened

30 января 2023, 13:10
PA Gallery presents Anna Kazmina's first solo exhibition "Transcoding" in Russia. The project will feature more than 50 works in various media: large-scale installations, video art, objects in mixed media, as well as sculpture, painting and graphic works created by the artist.

Ivan Petrovsky

Mainly the project is about how our reality is changing, how incapacitated forms of existence are being destroyed, how information and data about the world are being transformed and recoded in search of capable forms of human existence.

Anna Kazmina lives and works in China, and the motifs of European abstraction and Oriental poetics harmoniously coexist in her work. In the Transcoding project, Anna Kazmina explores reality through contact with various materials that allow not only to see the various textures of life, but also to penetrate into the structure of reality and experience the evolution of the world in its multi-aspect. "Reality is a powerful structure, a living organism in which, by squeezing, scratching, melting, tearing, crushing and perhaps even stroking, destruction occurs with further creation", - the artist says about her project.In Kazmina's art, each material reveals its properties: paper of different densities is torn, covered with hatching, crumpled, impregnated with paint, canvas interacts with acrylic, becomes an element of technology, taking over digital printing.


Finished ceramic objects crumble and stick together in a different sequence, tin is deformed on aluminum under the influence of ultraviolet light, light-cured paint hardens on the metal surface, forming a strong connection. Metaphysics permanently interacts with physics, and materials are inextricably linked with the idea.

"Working in a variety of media, Anna combines and collides different logics and approaches in the study of reality. Kazmina's artistic works provoke thinking about philosophical issues of memory, time, the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness, as well as about the creative process itself as a mechanism of movement and evolution of society. The artist focuses on the nature of man, on all his complex internal relationships with reality and society", - says Olga Turchina, curator of the exhibition.

Anna Kazmina was born in 1987. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University and a Master's degree in Fine Arts at Beijing Pedagogical University. Member of the Russian Union of Artists. Participant young art fairs blazar 2021 and 2022 (was presented at the PA Gallery stand), winner of the first prize at the international Titian Competition of the Beijing Academy of Arts, nominee for the Zverev Art Prize. Participant of the Beijing Biennale 2017, as well as numerous exhibitions in China and Russia. Lives and works in Beijing. More detailed information about the artist is available at the link.Olga Turchina is an art critic, curator of the exhibition.

She worked at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the State Center for Contemporary Art. Currently, he is a senior researcher at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Author of articles and lectures on Russian contemporary art. 

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