Posted 30 января 2023,, 10:33

Published 30 января 2023,, 10:33

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Rostrud: employers have no right to fine employees

Rostrud: employers have no right to fine employees

30 января 2023, 10:33
Employers cannot fine their employees for non-performance of their official duties, explained in Rostrud. For such violations, the employer can only make a remark, reprimand or dismiss an employee under the relevant article of the Labor Code.

In relation to certain categories of employees, the employer can apply a strict reprimand, issue a warning to him about incomplete official compliance, or demote a subordinate in the class rank. These categories of employees include, in particular, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office and some others.

Before applying disciplinary punishment to an employee, the employer must receive from him a written explanation of the reasons for what happened. After that, the employee must receive an order for a remark or reprimand within three days and sign it.

Rostrud reminded that if an employee is fined at work, he has the right to apply to this organization or file a lawsuit.