Posted 30 января 2023,, 05:10

Published 30 января 2023,, 05:10

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The Federal Tax Service has imposed a moratorium on penalties due to erroneous calculations on the single tax calculation

The Federal Tax Service has imposed a moratorium on penalties due to erroneous calculations on the single tax calculation

30 января 2023, 05:10
The tax authorities revealed 454 errors related to incorrect calculations. Reconciliation of payments for the reporting periods up to 2023 will be carried out until March 1.

According to RBC, referring to the letter of the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Yegorov to interregional tax inspections, the service announced debt relief for the reporting periods until 2023. Since January, the mechanism of a single tax calculation and a single tax payment has been launched.

Before the start of the reconciliation - on March 1 - the tax authorities will exclude debt collection "in the form of a negative balance of a single tax account". The moratorium will be in effect "until the launch of centralized processes for the formation of user tasks". For the period up to May 1 and the end of the declaration campaign based on the results of last year, the Federal Tax Service also for individual taxes and fees will not be held liable for failure to provide notifications about the calculated amounts of taxes and advance payments on them, fees, insurance premiums and understatement of the tax base, if it was not revealed by a tax audit.

Yegorov's letter states that the underestimation of the tax base may be the result of an error made by a taxpayer and voluntarily corrected by him without a tax audit. The measures will apply to payments for accounting periods until 2023.

EPP, we recall, is accrued on the 28th of each month, if the day does not fall on a day off. According to the representative of the service, more than 2 million people were interested in the state of the Internet in their personal accounts. 454 cases related to incorrect calculations (negative balance) have been identified in the country. A number of taxpayers in their personal account saw "preliminary irrelevant data" and the debts of individuals as sole proprietors reflected there for the first time. By January 25, 528 official complaints against the tax authorities were received, which is 25.7% less than the same period last year.

As explained in the Federal Tax Service, this situation is related to feedback through the federal center for resolving issues on the single tax calculation. About five hundred people apply there every day. Over 80% of taxpayers have received explanations of how and from where the amount of debt was formed, individual reconciliation is carried out with the remaining 20%.

Last year, we recall, the Federal Tax Service decided to keep a closed register of legal entities that were sanctioned. Data about them will be removed from public access. If the company is included in the register, information about it will no longer be displayed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and in the state information resource of accounting statements.