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The Russians estimated the repair costs at 1 million rubles, but they are ready to spend only 124 thousand rubles.

30 января 2023, 08:44
To make repairs in an apartment, most Russians ideally need about one million rubles, a study of the services "Remont so Sberuslugami" and "" showed.

Most Russians, when planning repairs, rely on their own funds. Only 15% of those who started repairs are ready to take a loan. Another 7% of respondents plan to borrow money from friends and acquaintances, writes RBC.

The average loan amount that Russians want to take out to make repairs in an apartment is estimated at 246.5 thousand rubles. From their personal savings, Russians are ready to spend an average of 124.2 thousand rubles on repairs. At the same time, in order to make a good repair in the entire apartment at once, Russians need up to one million rubles, the study showed.

A survey of Russians in August last year showed that most residents of the country estimate the cost of apartment repairs to one million rubles. Another 15% note that about one or two million are needed for repairs, 11% estimate repair costs at 2-3 million, 6% of respondents need more than three million for repairs.