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Hungary supports the nomination of Recep Erdogan for the Nobel Peace Prize

31 января 2023, 10:31
Hungary has supported the nomination of Turkish President Recep Erdogan for the Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in the settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Szijjarto.

He noted that Turkey acted as a mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and its experience was the only successful one. The Minister recalled that only thanks to the efforts of the Turkish President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country, it was possible to achieve significant results in concluding a grain deal.

"We ask Turkey to continue the mediation experience", - he added.

Recall that the grain deal was concluded in July last year. She coordinated the export of Ukrainian grain to foreign markets. At the end of October, Russia announced that it was withdrawing from the grain deal. The decision was made after Ukrainian drones were launched from a civilian vessel traveling along the grain corridor. They fired at Russian warships that provided security for the passage of ships in the Black Sea. In early November, with the assistance of the Turkish president, the parties managed to agree on the resumption of the grain deal.