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John Kirby: The United States will not give Kiev the F-16, because they are already transferring large amounts of weapons

31 января 2023, 05:21
So the coordinator of strategic communications in the National Security Council of the White House, John Kirby, commented on the refusal of the resident of the United States, Joe Biden, to send fighters to Ukraine.

Washington supplies the Kiev regime with the weapons needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine this winter and the coming spring.

"Significant amounts of aid are already being sent, and their dispatch will continue in the coming weeks and months. These are the weapons that we know will be critically important for Ukrainians in the winter, as well as for the fighting they expect in the spring", - Kirby told CNN. The journalist expressed the opinion that the decision to supply tanks to Ukraine came too late, which Kirby did not agree with.

The day before, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of transferring fighters to the Ukrainian side, but, as in the case of tanks, this would be possible if certain conditions were met. As the French leader noted after talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in order for deliveries to become possible, the transfer of fighters should not lead to escalation, these aircraft should not strike Russia, the transfer of military aircraft should not weaken the French army.

Germany has already flatly refused to transfer the fighters to Kiev. When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was asked to comment on the statement of the SPD party leader Zaskia Exen, who allowed the supply of German combat aircraft to Ukraine, the politician was outraged.

- In such important things as weapons, it should be about facts, about rational weighing. That says it all," Scholz stressed.

In cases of this kind, domestic political motives come to the fore, not assistance to Ukraine. According to him, Exen's statements were due solely to domestic political motives. Earlier, the head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, had already given a negative answer to the possibility of supplying fighters to the AFU.