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Russian users are again available to download Adobe programs

31 января 2023, 04:47
However, the developer has not resumed the sale of subscriptions for buyers from Russia.

The American developer Adobe has once again opened access for Russia to download its applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Since March 2022, they have only been available with a VPN, since the company stopped selling to Russian users.

Now the product can be downloaded, but it is still impossible to buy a subscription, Izvestia writes. Subscription renewal is allowed only for corporate clients.

Adobe has now opened a subscription without giving any explanation. Currently, users with a Russian IP address can download Photoshop, Premier, Acrobat, Illustrator and other developer products to their devices.

According to experts, this may be due to the fact that not only Russians, but also foreign offices operating in Russia have been subject to restrictions. Analysts called the same reason after another American IT giant, Intel, also allowed Russians to download its software again.

In the case of Intel, drivers can be installed to almost any company's products without using a VPN connection, but bans on the supply of components in the country are still in effect.