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The IMF predicted the Russian economy to grow instead of falling in 2023

The IMF predicted the Russian economy to grow instead of falling in 2023

31 января 2023, 04:35
According to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund, Russia's GDP will move to growth of 0.3%. Initially, analysts predicted a 2.3% drop in the country's economy.

The forecast has been improved in terms of GDP growth in 2023 to 2.9%, having spoiled 3.4% last year. The indicator that the IMF now predicts is better than the expectation of Moscow, which predicts a drop in GDP. In 2024, the IMF expects Russia's economy to grow by 2.1%.

Prior to the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the IMF predicted a 2.1% growth in the Russian economy, but after the start of the SVO, it changed its forecasts to a 2.3% drop. Then it worsened the decline to 3.5%, but last fall it returned 2.3%.

The Russian Ministry of Economy expects GDP to fall by 0.8% in 2023, and the Bank of Russia - within 1-4%.

At the beginning of the month, the Managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva said that the world economy is expecting "a difficult year, tougher than the period that was left behind." The Fund has already warned last fall that more than a third of the global economy will shrink, as well as the existence of a 25% probability of global GDP growth of less than 2% in 2023, which the IMF defines as a global recession. In mid-January of this year, the experts of the World Economic Forum also predicted a global recession.