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The Ministry of Culture demanded that the Tretyakov Gallery report on compliance with spiritual bonds

31 января 2023, 14:05
The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation sent a letter to the Tretyakov Gallery demanding to report on the compliance of exhibitions with spiritual and moral values.

The reason was the appeal to the Ministry of citizen Sergei Shadrin, Interfax notes.

"The practice of working with such documents provides for a request from subordinate institutions for reference information necessary to write a response to a citizen", - the report says.

About the request in The media found out about the Tretyakov Gallery's compliance with spiritual and moral values the day before.

The museum workers were obliged to prepare a response to the Ministry of Culture no later than February 6. The reason for the correspondence was the complaint of citizen Shadrin that the Tretyakov Gallery's exposition allegedly does not comply with the state policy "to preserve and strengthen traditional Russian spiritual and moral values".

Earlier  The authorities revealed "inconsistency with spiritual staples" in a kindergarten in the city of Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. After complaints from one of the parents about the "lack of patriotism", the mayor's office forced educators to remove British flags from the group of the kindergarten "Wonderland", where children learn English.

The complainant did not like the thematic design of the bilingual group in the form of toy buses, British flags and a portrait of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. After the "carpet call" to the mayor's office, the teachers were forced to comply and remove the bright British flags from the group.