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The Ministry of Defense sent an armored train for engineering reconnaissance to the special military operation zone

31 января 2023, 09:12
The Ministry of Defense announced the dispatch of an armored train to the special operation zone. It is designed for engineering reconnaissance, as well as the destruction of air and ground targets.

"The train is being sent to the front line," the ministry said.

The ministry added that enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups may operate in this area. Drones are actively used to counter them, which are able to detect an ambush several kilometers away, Interfax reports.

This train will be involved in engineering reconnaissance, mine clearance, restoration of destroyed roads and escort of military cargo. It is noted that armored capsules are located in the tail and in the head of the train. Military trains are armed with small arms, including heavy machine guns, as well as anti-aircraft guns for destroying air and ground targets.