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The Sun: in Britain, a nuclear submarine was repaired with superglue

The Sun: in Britain, a nuclear submarine was repaired with superglue

31 января 2023, 09:08
The British Navy will investigate the workers.

According to The Sun, citing its sources, one of the four nuclear submarines of the kingdom, Vanguard, was repaired with superglue. During the inspection, the cap of one of the bolts that hold the insulation on the pipes with the liquid cooling the nuclear reactor was found to have fallen off. It turned out that the caps of at least seven bolts were cut off due to too much effort when tightening them, and were glued to superglue. The submarine was repaired at the Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth.

The head of the Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, was furious when he learned about this. He demanded a meeting and assurances regarding the quality of future work from one of the largest contractors of the department, Babcock Company, responsible for the repair of the submarine. The contractor informed about a "procedural failure" due to problems in the organization of work processes, but did not report earlier about cut bolts and superglue. The head of the department unsuccessfully tried to explain that an error had occurred.

The bolts on the glue became known before the first start of the reactor. Now investigators are trying to find those responsible for what happened. The fact is that workers at such facilities always work in pairs and in compliance with nuclear safety protocols.

Note that the United Kingdom has four nuclear submarines in service. Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance. They are equipped with Trident missiles.