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An American woman was arrested for walking a calf on Red Square

An American woman was arrested for walking a calf on Red Square

1 февраля 2023, 13:39
The Tverskoy Court in Moscow arrested an American Alice Day for a period of 13 days for resisting police arrest in Red Square, where she was walking a calf.

Earlier, the court has already sentenced an American woman to a fine of 20 thousand rubles for an unauthorized public action with an animal in the center of Moscow. Now the punishment has been tightened for non-compliance with the requirements of the security forces.

"She refused to show the documents to the employees and go to the department", - the telegram channel Shot writes.

At the trial, a 34-year-old US citizen of Chinese origin said that she purchased an animal on Avito. She named the pet Doctor Calf. She was not going to organize any protest action, she just decided to show the animal the city, take him to Red Square. After that, the owner of the calf planned to send him to a farm where the animal would live until old age.

The police also noted in the protocol that the citizen's "peaceful walk" was a protest action. The detainee is a zealous fighter for animal rights. Together with the calf as a living symbol, she walked around Red Square and shouted slogans that "animals are not food."

After the action, the calf was seized from the American woman and temporarily placed in a rehabilitation center.

Earlier, the American eco—activist arranged walks with other animals - for example, in Warsaw she walked a ram through the streets. And during his life in the UK, a pig was quartered in the American woman's house.