Posted 1 февраля 2023,, 12:42

Published 1 февраля 2023,, 12:42

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London decided to transfer Abramovich's money from the sale of Chelsea to Ukraine

London decided to transfer Abramovich's money from the sale of Chelsea to Ukraine

1 февраля 2023, 12:42
The UK government is waiting for EU approval of its initiative to transfer $2.83 billion, earned by Roman Abramovich from the sale of Chelsea football club, to the fund for assistance to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Abramovich, writes The Telegraph newspaper, to which Forbes refers, sold Chelsea in May 2022 and since then the money has been in the frozen account of the oligarch. And if Brussels gives the go-ahead to London, the money will go to the new fund within a few weeks. By the way, his board, which will include "internationally recognized" figures from politics, business, science and culture, should be presented one of these days.

Roman Abramovich's press office, in response to a request from Forbes, explained that "after the sale of Chelsea, the money "was never transferred to Abramovich's account and has been at the disposal of the British authorities ever since."

Meanwhile, it is known that before the sale of the English football club, Roman Arkadyevich expressed the wish that the proceeds be transferred to a charity fund for "the needs of victims from both sides of the conflict in Ukraine".

"Mr. Abramovich does not have access to these funds and does not participate in the process of their distribution", - the businessman's representative stressed.

Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 for $187 million. The new owners of the club in 2022 were a group of investors led by American billionaire Todd Boeli.