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Published 1 февраля 13:12

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The maternity capital for the first child will be increased to 580 thousand rubles

1 февраля 2023, 13:12
The government will index social payments to Russians by 12%. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin.

He noted that the increase will affect 46 different support measures. In particular, the amount of maternity capital for the first child will be increased from 524.5 thousand rubles to 580 thousand rubles. The maternity capital for the second child will be raised from 693.1 thousand rubles to 775 thousand. The one-time allowance at the birth of a child will increase to 22.9 thousand rubles. The amount of a one-time allowance will be raised to the same amount when a child is transferred to a family for upbringing.

Mikhail Mishustin added that monthly cash payments will also increase for disabled people of all three groups, WWII participants, combat veterans, Chernobyl victims and Heroes of Russia. Payments will be indexed from February 1.