Posted 1 февраля 2023,, 13:26

Published 1 февраля 2023,, 13:26

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The State Tax Service scares citizens with debts of 0 rubles

The State Tax Service scares citizens with debts of 0 rubles

1 февраля 2023, 13:26
Citizens of Russia who paid taxes on time and in full last year, have you not yet received a new message to your personal email from the robot of the fiscal department? But the author of these lines was pleased with a letter with an unambiguous title.

Sergey Lvov

The letter itself is titled very worryingly - "There is a tax debt..." With such a call, any citizen -payer will be stirred up and agitated, like a chicken feeling the approach of a fox.

Debt? Which one? For what? After all, at the end of last year, I verified everything to a penny. I paid for an apartment, a garage, a cottage, a car... And here - on you! Where else did the damned debt come from? Maybe the gazebo on the suburban area was added to the list of taxable base?

However, further study of the document caused a grin rather than a sense of financial loss. In one short chopped phrase, the fiscal officers informed me personally - "You have a debt on tax charges in the amount of 0 rubles". Oh, how wonderful.

Zero (0) rubles - is an empty place in Africa as well. And even in the calculations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Finance - also zero (unless of course no one writes zero as zero, which is also not prohibited by the rules of the Russian language).

However, then a nasty suspicion arose. And why, in fact, zero rubles were assessed as a "debt", which, in spite of everything, "you have"?

The fact of zero debt could please some tax fraudster who has achieved the coveted zero, but an honest person, and even with pronounced civic dignity, is considered to be a debtor of the budget at least offends, and at most introduces a cognitive stupor.

Damn it, do I pay my taxes for such a thing? For the State Tax Service robot to carry pure nonsense at my expense?

Or in the view of the STS programmers, any citizen of Russia is in fact and in form a debtor of the fiscal department?

So I remember the old man Krylov with his wolfish philosophy - "You are to blame only for the fact that I want to eat."

And after all, I didn't ask anything from the state for paying taxes on time. No thanks, no new toilet lid, not even a kilogram of palm oil candies... Could it, the state, forget about my existence until the next deep autumn. When you have to pay taxes again.

I haven't forgotten. Sorry...