Posted 2 февраля 2023,, 04:51

Published 2 февраля 2023,, 04:51

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Citizens told how much money they need for financial independence

Citizens told how much money they need for financial independence

2 февраля 2023, 04:51
On average, they need savings in the amount of 4.3 million rubles.

According to RBC, referring to a survey by Sberbank Life Insurance, in 2021 the amount was 3.4 million rubles, and now it has increased by 26.5%. Residents of St. Petersburg called the amount of savings for financial independence higher than others - 8.7 million rubles, Moscow - 7.4 million rubles, in Yaroslavl - 5.3 million rubles, Kazan and Izhevsk - 5.1 million rubles each. 77% of respondents consider a decent salary to be the basis of financial independence, and in 2021 81% of respondents answered this way.

Every month you need to earn an average of at least 44.4 thousand rubles. Two years ago, the average check was estimated at 75 thousand. Muscovites want the highest salary - 144 thousand rubles a month, residents of St. Petersburg - 131 thousand, Chelyabinsk - 111 thousand. In Naberezhnye Chelny, we would like to earn an average of 106 thousand rubles, in Yekaterinburg - 101 thousand rubles. 44% of the survey participants believe that savings are the main source of material comfort. In 2021, there were 38% of them.39% of the respondents answered that it is important to have a house for rent, for 18% it is important to have their own business, 4% said about investing in securities.

58% of residents of large cities called themselves financially free.

These are mainly residents of Makhachkala - 80%, Saratov - 74%, Penza - 72%, Kirov - 70%. Ryazan - 67% and Khabarovsk - 66%. These are mainly those who have received higher education, as well as those who have received postgraduate education - 73.7% and 80.5%.

At the end of last year, it turned out that half of Russians have no savings at all. Before that, VTsIOM found out that 39% of citizens do not save money, but immediately spend all their earnings on current needs.