Posted 2 февраля 2023,, 08:03

Published 2 февраля 2023,, 08:03

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Goodbye, Turkey? Cheap and high-quality holidays in this country are becoming inaccessible

Goodbye, Turkey? Cheap and high-quality holidays in this country are becoming inaccessible

2 февраля 2023, 08:03
The ban on servicing Russian airlines' planes at Turkish airports will have a radical impact on domestic tourism.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the largest Turkish operator of ground handling flights Havaş has warned that it stops working with the liners of Russian and Belarusian carriers if they fall under the US export sanctions. And any aircraft containing more than 25% of American-made parts get there. This means the actual closure of Turkish airports for about 170 Boeing aircraft, which are listed in the Russian (and Belarusian) fleet. Earlier, the US Department of Commerce presented such requirements to Turkish companies.

The loukoster Pobeda will have to suffer the most from this ban, experts say, since this particular airline was going to launch flights to the Turkish resort city of Bodrum in 2023 this year. Now you can forget the plans, and at the same time forget about the Pobeda flights to Antalya and Istanbul.

Probably, Russian tourists will try to transfer to "Superjets", however, these planes, according to experts, are not devoid of American parts, so perhaps they will not be allowed into the Turkish sky either.

Thus, only the planes of Turkish airlines remain, which, most likely, will take the proceeds from Russian carriers. Moreover, as you know, they are significantly more expensive than domestic ones. This means that Russians will have to forget about cheap and high-quality Turkish holidays.

The question arises: what should the Russian tourism industry do, which has practically no inexpensive and relatively close foreign routes left? Moreover, domestic tourism remains both expensive and substandard.

Analyst Andrey Suzdaltsev offers such a way out in his channel:

"Russia has a huge flow of tourists to Turkey and Egypt. It is difficult to understand why only aviation is involved? Why don't we have huge tourist ferry liners with cars on the lower deck, so that they leave Novorossiysk and Sevastopol and go to Istanbul (three days, overnight on board) and Antalya (a week, overnight in hotels and on board). Other liners went via Istanbul to Cyprus (four days, overnight on board) – Alexandria (three days, overnight on board) and Hurghada (a week, overnight on board and in hotels, beaches). Who is by car, so go ahead, you can travel around the countries (Cyprus, Egypt). And back…

You can continue to extend the routes to Goa, Maldives, Thailand and Singapore. And no sanctions will prevent..."

This proposal could be considered sound if Russia were building cruise liners, since hardly anyone would want to lease foreign ones to our country in the near future. And traveling on ships with all amenities is not a cheap pleasure. Certainly, you will not meet the "standard" norms of budget rest for the average Russian family.