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Published 2 февраля 10:28

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The issuance of biometric passports has been suspended in the regions

2 февраля 2023, 10:28
The Russians were warned about this by the portal Gosuslugi (State services).

According to RIA Novosti, Gosuslugi warned residents of the regions about suspending the issuance of new-style passports until the second half of March. The report says that the measure was taken due to technical difficulties on the side of Goznak.

Goznak expects that the rhythm of production and personalization of the new type of passports will be restored within a month after the completion of work at Micron, which produces the chips necessary for them.

The portal of State Services began to offer to issue five-year passports instead of ten-year ones. In August and September last year, the Foreign Ministry stopped issuing ten-year-old passports. Then the Ministry of Internal Affairs pointed out that the interruptions were caused by problems at the federal enterprise that is responsible for printing passports, namely the lack of paper and paint.