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Published 3 февраля 04:40

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Exports from Germany to Russia decreased by 60% in Dec 2022

3 февраля 2023, 04:40
Compared to November of the same year, it decreased by 16.7% to 0.9 billion euros.

As reported by statistical office of Germany, at the end of December 2022 delivery of goods from Germany to Russia collapsed 59.8% year-on-year, while imports from Russia to Germany, on the contrary, increased by 0.1% to 1.6 billion euros compared to the previous month.

In November, the drop in German exports also reached 60%. The main import items from Russia to Germany are still oil, natural gas, coking coal and petroleum products. However, Germany is considering the possibility of completely abandoning Russian liquefied natural gas.

Meanwhile, twice as many goods are now being shipped from Russia to Serbia as in 2021. In January-November 2022 alone, the country imported $2.75 billion worth of goods from Russia, which is more than $1.2 billion more than a year earlier.