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In the United States, $5.4 million of Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev will be confiscated

3 февраля 2023, 05:44
This is the first court decision that allows transferring the seized funds to Kiev.

According to Reuters, the founder of the Tsargrad TV channel Konstantin Malofeyev (pictured) may lose his $5.4 from American accounts - according to the decision taken by the court in New York, they are allowed to be confiscated by the United States Prosecutor's office. This is the first court decision on the confiscation of assets of Russian entrepreneurs since the creation of the KleptoCapture task force, which will allow transferring funds for the restoration of Ukraine.

KleptoCapture was created last year, at the end of 2022, President Joe Biden signed a law according to which the Ministry of Justice will be able to transfer the confiscated funds to the State Department, and that - for the restoration of Ukraine. The document states that the government can use the confiscated assets at its discretion.

As CNN clarifies, referring to court documents, the federal prosecutor's office of New York is trying to arrest over $ 5.3 million in an account in an American bank, which, according to its data, belongs to Malofeyev, who has fallen under sanctions. These funds were frozen back in 2014.

Earlier it became known that Google blocked Tsargrad in July 2020 after Malofeyev came under US sanctions. Courts in Russia have declared the blockages illegal. For each day of non-execution of the court's decision to cancel such a block, a penalty of 100 thousand rubles was collected from Google. In August 2021, the Tsargrad TV channel refused to enter into a settlement agreement with Google in the case of the removal of his YouTube channel.