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Published 3 февраля 10:41

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The initiative of the day: Deputy Khamzayev proposed to chip officials vacationing abroad

3 февраля 2023, 10:41
The parliamentarian called for drawing up a register of "risk groups", in which it is necessary to include those who left or were just going to leave Russia.

"I think that those officials who are restlessly eager to rest abroad, who so need to leave for their personal affairs, — I propose to forcibly "chipping"", - RIA Novosti quotes Sultan Khamzayev.

It is necessary to define a "risk group" among officials. It will include those who "have left, are leaving and have a desire to go abroad on vacation." Their parliamentarian suggests "equipping them with satellite sensors — for their own safety." The threat, in his opinion, may arise because "international counterintelligence works professionally cynically, including the stages of identification, development, establishing contact and deep recruitment," as well as intimidating and bringing "certain crimes against their country".

"From the point of view of national security in this period, the state has every right to know where and what these lovers of world resorts are doing. Modern satellite technologies of Russia allow to determine the location of a person up to a meter", - the deputy concluded.

In December, Khamzayev already tried to ban officials, given the situation in Russia and in the world, from traveling abroad for New Year's holidays. He believes that officials should rest within the country.