Posted 3 февраля 2023,, 11:07

Published 3 февраля 2023,, 11:07

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There are about 4 million cancer patients in Russia

There are about 4 million cancer patients in Russia

3 февраля 2023, 11:07
Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Kamkin at an online conference of the Council for Regional Health at the Federation Council said that about 4 million Russians suffer from oncological diseases.

"Today in the Russian Federation, about 4 million citizens suffer from oncological diseases, while every year the number of new cases that we detect due to the strengthening of the material and technical base and the creation of conditions for modern diagnostics is about 600 thousand", - Kamkin said (quoted by TASS).

The official recalled that since 2019, the federal project "Fight against oncological diseases" has been implemented in Russia, which is the most resource-intensive in the system of the national project "Healthcare". According to him, more than 1 trillion rubles have been allocated for the activities of the project. The implementation of the initiative over four years has allowed for a 4.4% reduction in mortality in Russia from neoplasms. In addition, the one-year mortality rate of patients decreased by 13.5%.

"I can say that even a 1% decrease in this indicator is quite a significant figure, because the one-year mortality rate depends on it, this is exactly what a person does not die in our country during the year. Now cancer is not a verdict, early diagnosis and modern methods of treatment allow us to completely cure a number of diseases for which it was previously thought that this was all, treatment is impossible and only palliative care", - the deputy minister said.

According to him, the five-year survival rate increased by 6.6%. Kamkin also drew attention to the acceleration and improvement of the quality of diagnostics in Russia. He stressed that the proportion of diseases detected at the early stages — the first and second - increased by 5.1%.