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Chinese authorities have condemned the United States for the destruction of the "spy balloon"

6 февраля 2023, 06:13
Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng said that the destruction of a Chinese scientific balloon that accidentally flew into the United States caused damage to relations between the two countries.

According to RBC, with reference to the statement of the Chinese diplomatic department, the fact of the destruction of a Chinese balloon over the territory of the United States harmed the process of stabilization of bilateral relations.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that the Chinese balloon flew into US airspace unintentionally, as a result of "force majeure". The accusations made by US representatives against the PRC that the balloon is being used for espionage purposes were called unfounded in China. Beijing expressed outrage that the Pentagon acted "excessively", violated the norms of international law, "abused military force" by shooting down a civilian balloon over its territory.

The PRC indicated that they will observe what is happening and intend to take steps to protect the dignity of their country.

It's worth reminding, that on February 4, it became known that in the sky over the United States, the military discovered a Chinese balloon that invaded the country's airspace and was there for a long time. A number of American politicians announced the fact of border violations and accused the PRC of espionage. China has denied the accusations. However, on February 5, the Americans shot down an aircraft.