Posted 6 февраля 2023,, 10:00

Published 6 февраля 2023,, 10:00

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The incidence of covid in Russia has increased by a third

The incidence of covid in Russia has increased by a third

6 февраля 2023, 10:00
Over the past week, the number of coronavirus infections in Russia has increased by almost a third. The increase in morbidity was 32.7% - up to 41.4 per 100 thousand population.

According to Interfax, with reference to the data of the operstab, the growth was noted in 83 regions. A week earlier, the growth was 19.9%, the rate of infections per capita rose to 31.2.

The number of severe cases requiring hospitalization increased by 21.1% in a week - up to 4.6 per 100 thousand population. Growth is recorded in 65 regions. A new strain of "Kraken" has been identified in a number of subjects.

Over the past day, the number of confirmed cases of covid in the country has reached 8084, 40 people have died, 450 patients have been taken to hospitals in a day. The highest incidence rate is in Moscow, where 1,815 people were infected during the day, 61 were hospitalized, 12 patients died.

The total number of covid infections since the beginning of the pandemic in Moscow has reached 3,362,157 cases, 47,959 cases have died from the virus. The figures for the country are 22,004,828 cases and 395,325, respectively.