Posted 6 февраля 2023,, 09:45

Published 6 февраля 2023,, 09:45

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US poll: President Biden has problems with Americans' trust

US poll: President Biden has problems with Americans' trust

6 февраля 2023, 09:45
Despite the relative increase in approval of Joe Biden's activities as president, sociologists note that in recent weeks there have been problems with trusting the owner of the White House.

According to a survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies commissioned by Newsweek, more than 70% of Americans said they had "heard or read something somewhere about the discovery of secret documents" at the residences of Trump and Biden, and 29% answered without thinking that they had not heard anything about it.

As it turned out, of those who are interested in politics, 43% believe that Biden kept secret documents at home on his own "sloppiness" or even "intentionally". And only 34% of respondents said that the current president did it "accidentally, out of forgetfulness".

Moreover, 65% of respondents said that FBI agents should search all the houses belonging to the Biden family in order to search for secret papers. Although at the same time, 42% of Americans agreed that "this whole scandalous story was greatly exaggerated by the media".

According to Robert Singh, professor of politics at the University of London, the current Newsweek poll showed that Americans are "deeply suspicious" of their politicians, and do not trust even officials of such a level as Joe Biden. As before, most US citizens don't pay much attention to politics, being too busy holding on to their jobs, health and family.