Posted 7 февраля 2023,, 12:07

Published 7 февраля 2023,, 12:07

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Almost the entire container port of Turkish Iskenderun is on fire (VIDEO)

Almost the entire container port of Turkish Iskenderun is on fire (VIDEO)

7 февраля 2023, 12:07
Hundreds of containers continue to burn in the port of the Turkish city of Iskenderun after the earthquake. According to eyewitnesses, it is not possible to extinguish the fire, and the fire continues to spread. There is also information about explosions.

"Yes, everything is still burning. Huge black clouds of smoke rise into the sky. Everything is on fire in this port. The fire spread everywhere", - an employee of the technological college located in close proximity to the port territory told a TASS correspondent.

Information about the ongoing fire was confirmed to the publication by a logistics company operating in the port.

"The fire continues. It's very big. Containers are burning. I do not know how many burned down and what will happen next. But I can say that the damage is very large", - said an employee of the company, whose office is located on the territory of the port.

The interlocutor of the agency noted that it is now impossible to assess the extent of the damage, but "hundreds of containers" are burning, which indicates significant losses.

According to the Zvezda TV channel, referring to eyewitnesses, explosions also sounded in the port area.

The port of Iskenderun is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, where it is the largest port of the country. It serves bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships. According to TASS, referring to the footage of local TV channels, at least 150 thousand containers were in the fire zone, and the same number are located in the neighboring warehouse area, where the fire has not yet reached. After the earthquake, the work of the port was suspended. The cause of the fire has not yet been established.