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Figure of the day: The Ministry of Labor has increased the list of professions for alternative service to 150

Figure of the day: The Ministry of Labor has increased the list of professions for alternative service to 150

7 февраля 2023, 13:40
Now the current list includes 150 professions for 785 enterprises. This list is formed on the basis of proposals from federal and regional executive authorities. Experts of the medical and legal company "Invokanet" have familiarized themselves with the list.
Russian Army

Alternative civil service is a special type of labor activity in the interests of society and the state, carried out by citizens instead of conscription military service. It lasts longer than urgent service: 18 or 21 months.

You can replace conscription service with an alternative one in two cases:

▪️ performing military service contradicts the beliefs or religion of a citizen;

A citizen belongs to the indigenous small-numbered people of the Russian Federation, leads a traditional way of life, carries out traditional economic activities and is engaged in traditional crafts of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the Russian Federation.

Citizens who want to replace military service with an alternative one must submit an application to the military enlistment office, where they are registered in the military, in the following terms:

  • until April 1 — to citizens who must be called up for military service in October ‒ December of the current year;
  • until October 1 — to citizens who must be called up for military service in April ‒ June next year.

In practice, in order to replace military service with an alternative one, it is necessary to prove that you really cannot serve on conscription for ethical or religious beliefs.

The list was not only replenished, but also 22 specialties were excluded from it:

- 7 professions of workers (cloakroom attendant, courier, shoe repair worker, postman, worker for the improvement of settlements, locksmith for the repair of heating network equipment, glass cleaner);

- 15 positions of employees (agrochemist, administrator, computer network administrator, artist, educator of a vocational educational institution, cardiorheumatologist, laboratory assistant, labor instructor, concertmaster, microbiologist, music director, teacher-organizer (in colleges, universities and other universities), technician, planning economist, freight forwarder).

The list has been expanded to 47 professions:

- 25 professions of working specialties: a road worker, a milker, an animal breeder, a grader driver, a baker, a landfill worker, a coastal fisherman, locksmiths of a number of jobs, a machine operator of a wide profile, a slinger, a turner, a tractor driver of agricultural production, a seamstress, an electric and gas welder and others.

- 22 positions of employees, including an engineer for control and measuring devices and automation, a welding engineer, an information security specialist, a chemist, a specialist in rehabilitation of disabled people, a forensic medical expert, a dental technician, a medical psychologist, a choreographer, a design artist (designer) and others.

The Ministry of Labor of Russia forms such lists annually in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 750 dated December 11, 2003 "On the organization of alternative civil service". The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation provides information on the number of citizens in respect of whom it was decided to replace military conscription service with alternative civil service. Based on these lists, Rostrud forms a plan for sending citizens for alternative civil service and selects jobs.

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