Posted 7 февраля 2023,, 12:38

Published 7 февраля 2023,, 12:38

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Updated 7 февраля 2023,, 18:33

The Moscow City Court legalized the revocation of the license from the newspaper Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta

The Moscow City Court legalized the revocation of the license from the newspaper Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta

7 февраля 2023, 12:38
The Moscow City Court at a meeting on February 7 recognized as lawful the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow, which decided to revoke the license of Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta (can be translated as the "New Narration Newspaper" - editor's note) and revoked the license of Novaya Gazeta.

According to Novaya Gazeta Europe, the reason for revoking media licenses from publications was claims from Roskomnadzor (RCN). Department officials said in court that one newspaper had not been published for a year, and the second had untimely provided the RCN with a copy of the charter of the radio station.

In September, the Basmanny Court revoked the license of the printed version of Novaya Gazeta and invalidated the registration of Novaya Gazeta. And then the Supreme Court revoked the electronic media license from the Novaya Gazeta website, Kommersant writes.

On the eve of the appeal in the Moscow City Court, the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov asked readers to take part in a survey regarding the likely outcome of the case.

"Exactly 5 minutes are allocated in the schedule of the Moscow City Court for the consideration of our appeal. What do you think the court will have time to do in these 5 minutes?" — Muratov asked.

He offered two possible answers: 1 — "will stamp the decision and deprive the newspaper with a 30-year history of the media status"; and 2 — will sort out and cancel the decision of the Basmanny Court in connection with Article 29 of the Constitution of Russia."

7,034 people took part in the survey. Of these, 96.9% answered "it will be stamped", and 3.1%, who at that time still believed in justice, assumed that "it will cancel".

The editorial board of Novaya considered that the overwhelming majority of readers "demonstrated that they understand everything." Despite the incident, the journalists expressed hope that the newspaper will still come to its readers, "and not only on the Internet".

The Novaya journalists explained that on February 7, the Moscow City Court had to consider two appeals of the publication against the decisions of the Basmanny Court at once — on invalidation of the certificates of registration of the printed publications Novaya Gazeta and Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta. Five minutes were allocated for each complaint in the court schedule.

As Interfax notes with reference to the press service of the court, the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow of September 5, 2022 was left unchanged. Thus, the Moscow City Court approved the cancellation of the registration of Novaya Gazeta as a mass media. A similar decision was made by the Basmanny Court on the claim against the magazine "Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta" — the appendix of "Novaya Gazeta".