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Published 8 февраля 2023,, 09:02

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"Cynologist" of the day: the head of the HRC Fadeyev took care of fighting dogs

"Cynologist" of the day: the head of the HRC Fadeyev took care of fighting dogs

8 февраля 2023, 09:02
Chairman of the Presidential Council for Human Rights (HRC) Valery Fadeyev suggested discussing the introduction of a certificate of ownership of fighting dog breeds, which, in his opinion, can reduce the cases of their attacks on people. He believes that often the cause of incidents is the irresponsibility of the owners.

"If a person wants to have a serious dog at home, then he must pass all the courses, professionals must understand whether he can manage this dog, whether he is a responsible owner, give some kind of appropriate certificate. I think it should be so", - Fadeyev expressed his opinion in an interview with TASS.

In his opinion, often the owners of fighting dogs do not realize that "a serious dog needs to be taught very seriously." The Chairman of the HRC noted that those wishing to have pets of potentially dangerous breeds must pass an "exam" to prove the possibility of safe ownership of this animal. He stated the need to discuss the problem with dog handlers and zoologists. In his opinion, experts can give answers to the questions that have arisen. It is planned to discuss with them the possibility and conditions of keeping fighting dogs, including the possibility of their safe keeping of animals by persons without special training. Based on the discussion of the issue with professionals, a position will be formed, Fadeyev promised.

"I have questions, not answers. It is necessary to finally get answers from professionals, from people who understand this, how society should treat this, what decisions to make", - he said.

Earlier, the plans to discuss with experts possible measures to prevent dog attacks on people were reported in the press service of the HRC. This statement was made after the incident with the attack of dogs on children in Pushkino. The organization noted the indignation of the chairman with the comments of the owner of the dog, who promised that the son would no longer walk the "playful puppy".