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It's burning, exploding, dying, giving birth... Earthquakes are a part of universal harmony

It's burning, exploding, dying, giving birth... Earthquakes are a part of universal harmony

8 февраля 2023, 10:10
An ordinary person is unable to comprehend and accept the dichotomy of natural imperious cunning and life-giving natural force

Journalist Yulia Pyatetskaya writes about the inevitability of natural disasters in her blog:

"I remember the stories of survivors in Phuket on December 25, 2004 - they didn't know what to do. Then one of the most powerful earthquakes in history (magnitude 9.1) occurred in the Indian Ocean, it caused a tsunami, affected 14 countries, killed over 230 thousand people.

Power is not the most important thing

To know what to do, the journalists urgently talked to experts.

They are interested in whether an earthquake of magnitude 10 can be expected and where exactly. The expert reassured that it was unlikely - there are very few places on the planet where such a thing is possible. Well, thank God, we're splitting up. Thanks to the media and the expert for the comforting, timely and useful information.

In 2010, more than 220 thousand people died in Haiti. More than 300 thousand were missing. Half a million lives. And the magnitude was 7.

When the media begins to write about catastrophes in connection with the next informational occasion, it is, as a rule, a firework of feeblemindedness and unconsciousness. "Turkey has had the most powerful earthquake since 1939." Headlines, headlines, including authoritative media. And where was the Izmit earthquake 90 km from Istanbul in August 1999? Over 17 thousand dead (according to unofficial data - over 40 thousand). The bodies were then hastily buried in mass graves in order to avoid epidemics. Dozens of countries provided emergency and long-term assistance to Turkey.

Why do you need an expert opinion about an amplitude of 10 points, deadly earthquakes occur regularly, for centuries and with a much smaller amplitude. The most powerful earthquake in the history of mankind in Chile in 1960 (magnitude - 9.5) did not become the most disastrous - Spitak took five times more (magnitude 6.8 - 7.2). Well, it depends on the population density, the quality of development, the city is not a city.

The deadliest earthquake in history occurred in China in 1556 - more than 830,000 lives. Earthquakes in China, with the death of tens and hundreds of thousands, occur regularly, for centuries - in Gansu (1920, 200,000 dead), Tangshan (1976, 242,419). In the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, more than 87,000 people died, and about 20,000 more were missing. Only in 2010, at least a dozen earthquakes occurred in China, and they continue to occur, since this is one of the most active seismic zones, and it is unlikely that anything will change in this regard in the near future.

There are places less dangerous, but it also happens there. It is much easier to name the protected areas of the Earth, where there have never been earthquakes at all. But it's not a fact that it won't.

Only ruthlessness and honesty to yourself are saving

Earthquakes are inevitable, and you can't do anything about it.

They cannot be prevented or stopped. It is possible to predict, improve the efficiency of evacuation and rescue operations, build cities and villages in seismic zones taking into account all factors.

Ashgabat was built without accounting, so in 1948 the city simply collapsed, there were several houses left to be restored. The exact number of victims is unknown, it's the Soviet Union, approximately - every third died.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant was built taking into account numerous factors (this is Japan), but the government commission, after a lot of investigations, concluded that the cause of the accident was the complete unpreparedness of the station for the impact of the elements. I was then shocked by their ruthless conclusions about themselves against the background of the national tragedy that had happened. "We must admit, and this is especially painful, that this disaster is "made in Japan." Its root causes lie in the Japanese culture itself: our reflexive obedience, our unwillingness to doubt the leadership, our commitment to following a given program, our groupism and our isolation".

In the battle with the elements and its consequences, ruthlessness and honesty to oneself can become saving factors, and in the battle with nature, one cannot win the final victory. It will continue to kill us with avalanches, fires, tornadoes, typhoons, floods, tsunamis, it is not for us and not against us. She doesn't care who you are. And that you have children.

Natural harmony is unthinkable without catastrophes

Every year there are more than 50 thousand earthquakes in the world, at least one is the most powerful.

But also the most powerful to the most powerful discord. So it was and will be. Nature is immoral and unscrupulous. Do not try to comprehend her wisdom and logic. Her wisdom begins where our ideas about her end.

This is not a religion, there is no theodicy in nature that needs to be explained somehow to those who are hungry for truth, it not only gives life, but also kills thousands, or even millions of people every year. And its sinister activity is not always associated with the vital activity of the person who invented deodorants and destroyed the ozone layer.

Life on the planet appeared as a result of a series of catastrophes that lasted billions of years. Billions more catastrophes have gone into the creation of human life. The so-called universal harmony is also a catastrophe, and nothing else. A disappointing reality, but we have no other nature. "Nature does not recognize its own face" is written for people, nature itself has thousands of guises, and these are not only crystal lakes, alpine meadows and park alleys. A comforting reality happens at personal growth courses, where you will be taught to send requests to the universe, they will tell you that all the problems are inside you, and in general they will satisfy your every whim for your money.

The starry sky is fascinating and inspiring when viewed from below. And above - a constant battle. It burns, explodes, dies, is born, sows death, falls, takes off, rushes and rotates at breakneck speed. And this is the cosmos about which we already know something, and there is also one about which - nothing and never. And from there we can also fly, and no air defense and missile defense have been invented yet to prevent a fatal arrival. And the gravity of black holes is so great that even light quanta cannot get out of them. So far, black holes, and not the light of reason, are the most powerful energy and magnetic phenomenon of the universe. And these holes are also, apparently, part of harmony. And this dichotomy of natural imperious cunning and life-giving natural force, an ordinary person can neither comprehend nor accept..."