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Published 8 февраля 2023,, 08:20

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"Romir": 15% of Russians declared their readiness to emigrate

"Romir": 15% of Russians declared their readiness to emigrate

8 февраля 2023, 08:20
Russia was included in the list of countries with the lowest level of emigration sentiment. 15% of Russians declared their readiness to move to another place. This is reported by RBC, referring to the results of the Romira survey conducted jointly with companies belonging to the Gallup International association.

"Russia is among the countries with the lowest level of emigration sentiment. According to the study, 15% of Russians would be ready to move to another place. There are about the same number of applicants in Japan (14%), and the residents of Vietnam and India want to move the least — 8% and 4%, respectively", - RBC reports.

According to the survey results, more than a third of the world's adult population (36%) would like to move to another country.

Global surveys were conducted in the period August—October 2022 in 57 countries. The study involved 54.3 thousand people, including more than 1.5 thousand Russians. They were asked the question: "If you were provided with all the necessary documents, would you like to live in another country or would you prefer to stay where you are?" The survey was conducted by phone, via the Internet or in person.

As noted by RBC, Romir also conducted its own survey in December 2022. In particular, sociologists asked respondents about their desire to emigrate. At that time, 16% of respondents declared their readiness to do this, which almost corresponds to the August global survey.

"The same question was asked to the Russians in December 2021 — before the start of the special operation in Ukraine and large-scale sanctions. Then the share of potential emigrants among compatriots was more — 20%", - RBC notes.

The desire to move to another country was most often expressed by residents of countries with unfavorable economic conditions. 62% of respondents from low-income countries reported their willingness to emigrate. Most of all, residents of the African states of Sierra Leone (84%), Ghana (81%), Nigeria (71%) dream of moving.

In countries with an above-average income, which includes the Russian Federation, and a high level of income, an average of 32% of residents declared their willingness to emigrate.

"In France, 30% of respondents are ready to move, in the USA and Germany — 33%, in the UK — 36%, in Italy — 37%", - RBC reports.

Traditionally, young people were more likely to declare their willingness to emigrate — 44% of respondents under the age of 34. At the same time, among the respondents of the older age category (over 55 years old), only 23% declared their readiness to live in another country.

Sociologists have identified three main motives of potential emigrants. This includes the economic situation of the country, the desire of the younger generation to gain new experience and impressions, as well as the search for opportunities for development among wealthy citizens. Andrey Milekhin, Doctor of Sociology, President of Romir, stressed that the survey demonstrates the migration mood, and not the actual readiness of the population to move.

"The economic factor in these sentiments is the most obvious, but it is important that the cultural identity and development of the country, on the contrary, can become a powerful motive to stay at home. We see a significantly lower level of emigration sentiment in countries with a developed sense of community, such as India, Vietnam, Japan, including Russia", - Milekhin explained.