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The number of earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey has exceeded 8,700 people

8 февраля 2023, 07:49
In Syria and Turkey, as the rubble is being dismantled, the number of bodies found is growing. The total number of victims of the tragedy exceeded 8,700 people.

According to Interfax, citing data from local authorities and the media, 6,234 people have already been recognized as dead during the earthquake in Turkey, and 2,470 people in neighboring Syria.

The number of victims of the disaster in Turkey has reached 37 thousand people. The analysis of the rubble on the site of 5700 houses that collapsed from the effects of the earthquake continues. Assistance to the affected countries is provided by foreign States that have sent rescue teams and humanitarian aid to the earthquake areas.

Thanks to the efforts of rescuers, over 8000 thousand people managed to get out of the ruins alive. Rescue work continues. More than 60 thousand rescuers are currently involved in the analysis of the rubble, with heavy equipment and helicopters at their disposal.

A series of powerful earthquakes began in the Middle East early in the morning on February 6. Aftershocks were felt in Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and a number of other countries, but the most catastrophic consequences were in Syria and Turkey.