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Published 8 февраля 08:20

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The ruins of the exploded high-rise building in Tula region were caught on video

8 февраля 2023, 08:20
Bloggers have released exclusive footage of what remains of an apartment building in the city of Yefremov, Tula region, after gas exploded there.

As can be seen in the footage of the chronicle, a significant part of the panel apartment building built in 1968 is completely destroyed. At least 20 apartments were destroyed.

A gas explosion in a house on Chemists Street in Efremov became known the day before. The destructive wave turned out to be so strong that it destroyed almost the entire entrance. 212 residents were rescued from an emergency house, they were placed in temporary housing and with relatives.

As a result of the explosion, five people were killed, three were taken to hospitals, three more may still be under the rubble, the telegram channel Shot notes.

Investigators and criminologists continue to work at the site. Representatives of emergency services sort out the rubble.