Posted 9 февраля 2023,, 06:17

Published 9 февраля 2023,, 06:17

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A boy who had been lying under the rubble for 70 hours was rescued in Turkey

A boy who had been lying under the rubble for 70 hours was rescued in Turkey

9 февраля 2023, 06:17
Rescuers sorting through the rubble after a devastating earthquake in Turkey rescued a seven-year-old boy from the rubble of a building. He was trapped in a stone for 70 hours.

According to REN TV with reference to local media, the news of the rescue of seven-year-old Ahmed, who spent such a long time under the rubble, came from the Turkish Adiyaman. Many call what happened a miracle.

"The first thing he warned rescuers about was that he had school lessons tomorrow", - the newspaper notes.

Earlier it was reported that since February 6, a series of earthquakes took place in Turkey and nearby countries, provoking massive destruction and human casualties.

Turkey and Syria were the hardest hit, where more than 6,000 buildings collapsed from the tremors. People and pets were buried under them. The bodies of the victims are removed from the rubble every day. The death toll has already exceeded 15,000 people.

Due to the consequences of the most devastating earthquake in the last 84 years, the Turkish authorities have declared a week of nationwide mourning.

Foreign rescuers, including emergency workers and medics from Russia, arrived in Turkey to help the victims.

Meanwhile, seismologists report that new tremors in the region are still being recorded.