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Published 9 февраля 14:53

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The death toll in the explosion in Novosibirsk has increased to eight people

9 февраля 2023, 14:53
The death toll as a result of an explosion of household gas and the subsequent partial collapse in a five-story residential building on Linear Street in Novosibirsk, eight people were killed. This was reported in the Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk region.

"There are already eight dead. Another body was found under the rubble," the message on the Telegram channel of the regional Ministry of Health says.

The ministry noted that thus the total number of victims increased to 17 people, of whom eight were killed, seven were hospitalized, two were discharged for outpatient treatment after receiving medical care.

A gas explosion in a five-storey building in Novosibirsk occurred at about 8:00 local time. Two entrances collapsed, 30 apartments were destroyed. Emergency rescue operations are continuing at the site.

"The preliminary area of the collapse was 200 square meters," the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Novosibirsk region reported.

The residents of the house were evacuated, the PVR was deployed, in which there are 47 people, including three children. The local hotel has prepared 40 places for further residence of the residents of the house.