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Published 9 февраля 07:12

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The number of deaths in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has grown to 16 thousand people

9 февраля 2023, 07:12
62,937 people were killed in Turkey and 3,162 in Syria.

Rescuers continue to dismantle the rubble after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which occurred on February 6. Turkey's Emergency Management Department reported 62,937 dead, while Syria's AFP reported 3,162 casualties in the country.

On February 6, a series of earthquakes took place in Turkey and neighboring countries, provoking massive destruction and human casualties. Turkey and Syria were mainly affected, where more than six thousand buildings collapsed from the tremors. The bodies of the victims are removed from the rubble every day.

Due to the consequences of the most devastating earthquake in the last 84 years, the Turkish authorities declared national mourning until February 12.