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Published 9 февраля 09:49

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Tomsk kindergarten teacher is going to participate in an internship in Dubai

9 февраля 2023, 09:49
Kindergarten No. 6 from Tomsk has signed an internship contract for one of its teachers in the amount of 145 thousand rubles. The internship is supposed to take place in Dubai.

However, after the announcement of the foreign business trip of the kindergarten employee, the local authorities canceled it, and the kindergarten management called on "to show more patriotism" when choosing places for advanced training courses.

"The Department of Education of the Tomsk City Administration pointed out to the head of MADOU No. 6 the inefficiency and irrationality of such expenses and recommended that in order to improve the professional competence of preschool staff and develop its activities, take part in internships at the sites of Russia", - the city Department of Education told the Rise.

Neither the department nor the kindergarten itself specified which city the educator will go to for an internship now, the newspaper notes.