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Published 10 февраля 04:46

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Analysts predicted that by the end of 2023, the number of self-employed will exceed 10 million people

10 февраля 2023, 04:46
Currently, 6.5 million self-employed people are registered in the country.

According to Kommersant, referring to analysts of the Naimix service, the excess of 10 million self-employed in the country by the end of the year is quite expected if employers continue hiring new employees for temporary projects. Over the past year, the number of self-employed increased 1.7 times - to 6.5 million people, the total amount of revenue amounted to 125.8 billion rubles.

As the Ventra Go! survey showed, up to 70% of the study participants intend to work "for themselves". The number of active performers on the company's platform is growing, the format of work is chosen by freelancers who need both additional income and the main job.

26% of the self-employed admitted that in this format they are most satisfied with the opportunity to go to work at a convenient time and in a convenient place, 15% are satisfied with the possibility of receiving a quick payment, 12% appreciate independence from management and labor regulations.

HSE experts note that the new tax regime is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses - in this segment it is most in demand. ANCOR HR company clarified that up to 7% of employers intend to use temporary staff more often. SuperJob added that 20% of companies in the country currently use the services of the self-employed. Mostly self-employed companies from logistics (30%), construction (28%) and services (24%) attract the most.

In January, it became known that about 70% of companies in Russia attract the self-employed to work. Almost 50% of employers use the services of the self-employed at least once every six months.